Justin Bieber - Hailey (Visualizer)

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  1. Sushil


    Hailey really won at life. Imagine having an official song for herself by the living legend of this generation. 🙇🏻‍♂️

  2. Angelica Lacson

    Angelica Lacson

    See, Justin really loves his wife. No matter what others think and what others decide on whom he really loves. Just remember to whom he decided to spend the rest of his life. Hailey deserves all the love in the world. He stayed even when Justin was at his worst and that is what love is. Love is not just when everything is okay and fun and happy. Justin loves her and I can see it through his eyes. For people who judges them, I mean they are humans and couples fight and that's normal so please stop comparing and jumping into conclusions. I'm happy for the both of them and if you're really a fan of Justin you should be happy for him too. That he found the love of his life. So happy for them💙 they're perfect together. To those who hate them, well it doesn't benefit you hating them😝

  3. Risky


    This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored.

  4. Maahi Nagarkar

    Maahi Nagarkar

    Hailey deserves a lot of respect and love but she always gets compared due to the toxic fans. This album would have made hailey feel so much loved !!

  5. Adi Luxx

    Adi Luxx

    14 أيام قبل

    This song is his best from the album. Very emotional and it seems like he wrote it from his full heart and passion.

  6. Nikki L

    Nikki L

    “When the waves start to crash like the fear from the past, just remember you are all I have ever wanted”

  7. Never Mind

    Never Mind

    “Justin Bieber - Hailey lyrics”

  8. Hannah OWO

    Hannah OWO

    A message to the future generations. Don't let this song die.

  9. donkiss issa

    donkiss issa

    Imagine hating a woman who did nothing but to love and support justin? The woman who stay and get patient during his darkest and down moment? The pressure and the insecurities that the world throwing at her and some point she can just walk away in justin life and live a peaceful life but she didn't do it because she love this man, and y'all making her feel like loving justin is a sin. Adore hailey for being this strong ❤

  10. three  a

    three a

    To people who still couldn't move on from justin's past relationship, this song is a slap on your faces. Pls move on.

  11. nickiana mixer 🇵🇸

    nickiana mixer 🇵🇸

    I still can't get over the fact hailey was crying in the met gala, I feel so bad for her, she can't even breath without getting compared to other girls, she is really sweet and brave, she is a queen who truly deserves a masterpiece like this ❤️

  12. Kathita Tesla

    Kathita Tesla

    Amazing. Justin Bieber te amare por siempre, 12 años adorandote eres increíble. Espero que visites Colombia. Haylie es muy afortunada de tenerlo. ambos lo son. Ojalá se mantengan juntos y fuertes

  13. Roxie Rose

    Roxie Rose

    "Hailey" Lyrics

  14. Dorji wangmo

    Dorji wangmo

    I can literally listen over and over to this beautiful piece for a long time. Thank you for this beautiful one

  15. Random User

    Random User

    This song is literally the definition of me and my girlfriend’s relationship. It’s adorable and I can’t get enough of it.

  16. Sara Portillo

    Sara Portillo

    This song needs to be in the tour set list 😭

  17. 김채연


    I still feel so bad for hailey, it hurts to see her cry especially at the met gala when she literally didn't do anything. Love you justin! we will always be by yours and hailey's side <3 The world will never know your love story like the both of you do.

  18. Victoria Martin

    Victoria Martin

    I never get tired of this song

  19. LA


    Imagina que JUSTIN se inspire en ti para dedicarte una canción, Hailey sos todo lo que está bien en esta vida✨ amamossss💘

  20. Damaris Cabana

    Damaris Cabana

    Creo que esta será mi canción favorita a partir de ahora. Hailey deserve this and more