Justin Bieber - Ghost (Visualizer)

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  1. Blog Reflexões

    Blog Reflexões

    Que álbum é esse! ❤ Lindo demais!

  2. gamer _

    gamer _

    this song is fire i didnt even know it existed before the vmas...its great that he performed this one there amazing song

  3. Epic Club

    Epic Club

    It's crazy,how many people come back to this everyday.This song is legendary

  4. Suchana Sarkar

    Suchana Sarkar

    Unpopular opinion: This song deserves over a billion views 🙂✨

  5. Aman Bhayani

    Aman Bhayani

    This song sparks not only memories, but also worries about the future. In moments of being alone it hits the soul deep, despite the lyrics being simple words.

  6. Sarbjit Kaur

    Sarbjit Kaur

    this song doesn't remind me of someone who passed away, it's like missing someone who's alive but you can't be with that person.

  7. abeer akhtar

    abeer akhtar

    I lost my mother this year in January. I'm 20 years old with toddler siblings to look after alone. She was a single parent. I've been a belieber since 2010 and she used to listen to JB songs with me with excitement. This song made me cry so much to a point that I was sobbing. Justin, thank you for making music.

  8. Li Lander Degamo

    Li Lander Degamo

    This song really hit me hard, I've been with her for 4years & it's just sad that we can't continue our journey together anymore. LDR is hard with this pandemic & It's really true that people can change & that anything can happen. Now I know she's happy & that she doesn't need me anymore and I know it's sad but everything will be okay thank you JB for this song, gives alot of hope to people regardless if they lost a relationship or a love one. Good life to everyone!

  9. Mirchella Croes

    Mirchella Croes

    This song can be interpreted many ways. Not even month later after this came out my grandma passed away. I was holding in my emotions but when my cousin sent me this and told me to listen to it again, boy did I cry. Still will to this day if I listen to it.

  10. Bridget Shelton

    Bridget Shelton

    My best friend of 18 years passed away in January. I’ve listened to this song in silence, I’ve belted out ever word, and I’ve played it 3 times in a row. I only wish I had heard it earlier, it brings me so much comfort.

  11. Jasmine Gravador

    Jasmine Gravador

    I’m addicted to this song. The beats and vocals my god!!!



    This is now my Christmas Song. The vibe and the tone of this song is just on point.

  13. Lyrical Master

    Lyrical Master


  14. porxa marasigan

    porxa marasigan

    This song hurts me a lot because it looks like Justine is missing someone, but life goes on and I think he's happy now with his marriage life. ❤️

  15. Moira Marvel

    Moira Marvel

    Thank you Justin for this song. My mom passed from Covid and I miss her so much. God Bless you for being the good person you are!!

  16. Nallely Ibarra

    Nallely Ibarra

    Gracias Justin, por hacer en musica el sentimiento de todos los que extrañamos más que a la vida a alguien que amamos. Gracias por cada palabra de esta canción, lloro de amor cada vez que la escucho, porque dice exactamente lo que mi alma siente.

  17. King Dami

    King Dami

    This is one of Justin’s best songs ever

  18. Amplified Streams

    Amplified Streams

    I'm in love with those lyrics ❤️

  19. Puja Ay

    Puja Ay

    "Justin Bieber's voice makes everything better" -Ed Sheeran

  20. Luna Sk8

    Luna Sk8

    Está musica é minha favorita de todas.