Justin Bieber - Someday At Christmas

In Honor of the tenth anniversary of Under The Mistletoe enjoy this visual album!
Listen to Under The Mistletoe Here: JustinBieber.lnk.to/UnderTheM...
Created by Tim Fox x Bang Sangho
A Cultlovesyou Production
Animation Director: Tim Fox
Art Direction: Bang Sangho
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  1. Angel


    He is giving us old Justin back. The Justin that public ruined, but we all know that he was and is the best out there. Love these songs Justin. Wishing you all the best♥️

  2. Asyiqin Nazri

    Asyiqin Nazri

    i can’t believe im actually crying. i realize i grew up with a kid that the media and society destroyed. god he sounds so innocent here.

  3. Max Bardot

    Max Bardot

    he recorded this at 13 in 2007. 14 years later, still iconic.

  4. Diego Henrique

    Diego Henrique

    Que nostalgia boa ouvir essa voz do Justin Bieber mais novinho, me deu uma saudade boa da minha adolescência onde eu passava o dia todo ouvindo as músicas do Justin, aliás contínuo assim até hoje 😍😍🎄🎅

  5. Geovana Eduardo

    Geovana Eduardo

    This version of someday at christmas is one of the cutest things of all time. I just love it so much, my heart melts every time I listen to it.

  6. Audrey Morel

    Audrey Morel

    This song is so pure and his version is everything! It really does feel like Christmas.

  7. Yaru Maya

    Yaru Maya

    Alguien más lloro con la voz de Justin bebé ? 🥺💜 Siento que llevo una eternidad en este fandom

  8. Ibanrilin Nongrum

    Ibanrilin Nongrum

    I feel so warm, blessed, happy listening to his precious voice and this song is always amazing.....thank you Justin for this .. God bless you and Happy Holidays

  9. Christina Michael

    Christina Michael

    This is making me so emotional 😭 I remember when this album was released originally❤️ It’s the only Christmas Album I ever listen to! Justin just sounds so pure & precious! I’m so glad he is happy now! Happy Holidays Everyone 🎄❤️🙏🏽

  10. Boobah


    Nostalgia ouvir a voz do JB no início da adolescência 🥰

  11. Jessi Jaimes

    Jessi Jaimes

    Mi corazoncito latió muy fuerte al escuchar su voz de niño 🥺♥️

  12. Rin Sakuragi hotes

    Rin Sakuragi hotes


  13. Ammy Bensimon

    Ammy Bensimon

    La voz de Justin muy tierna que recuerdos. Ahora de mayor sigue rompiéndola. 😍 Te amamos JB 💜

  14. allan Smith

    allan Smith

    This makes me feel very nostalgic. I really really miss that innocent teenage Justin Bieber voice ❤️

  15. HariaMP


    When I heard his voice, I felt like. wow. The old Justin I knew. I picture him in my mind. I just love it. 💜

  16. Melanie Gabriela Marquez De La Plata Merchan

    Melanie Gabriela Marquez De La Plata Merchan

    a lot of memories that his voice brings, so proud of all the christmas songs.

  17. Cassielly


    A Belieber que habita em mim está sem palavras para descrever este momento. ❤

  18. 100k challenge without any videos challenge

    100k challenge without any videos challenge

    "Under the Mistletoe" is one of the best Christmas album ever and I'm so happy that we're getting music video in the honour of its tenth anniversary 🎄

  19. Zayhra Campos

    Zayhra Campos

    I can't believe i have been listening all this JB's christmas songs for 10 years along ❤

  20. Daisuke Takahashi だいすけ 高橋

    Daisuke Takahashi だいすけ 高橋

    esta canción que da la sensación del pequeño Justin Bieber </3