Justin Bieber - The Making of 'Ghost' (Vevo Footnotes)

Justin Bieber - The Making of "Ghost" (Vevo Footnotes)
Justin Bieber and Diane Keaton? Sure, why not? With Colin Tilley behind the camera for the "Ghost" video, the two stars united for a classic, and quite cinematic, profile of loss and rejuvenation. The concept was conceived when the singer and director reflected on the tragedies that took place during the pandemic lockdown. Even without script dialog, this is a video with a wealth of emotional impact. Watch our Footnotes episode to learn about how Keaton made herself tear up during the funeral scene, the personal loss that fueled Tilley's work, and the fun everyone had doing the "YMCA" dance in the bar.
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Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Producer: Ronni Leverich
Editor: Austin Prahl
Design: Sydney Emery
Motion: Austin Prahl and Justin Brown
Music & Talent: Cynthia Todd + Jordan Ferree

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  1. Imran Raja

    Imran Raja

    We can't even imagine being put in the limelight at such a young age as Justin was. This guy has been through alot and still here he is giving us masterpieces to listen. Defination of never giving up 💯

  2. Jonas Santos

    Jonas Santos

    Não é surpresa o que vem do príncipe do pop, amo todas suas canções são inspirações 💜🎶🎶

  3. Annie jem

    Annie jem

    Will never get enough of this beautiful song. Gravitating towards it always and I'm loving it. 💜

  4. Ivyn Hotz

    Ivyn Hotz

    Eu choro ouvindo essa música ❤️❤️

  5. Imran Raja

    Imran Raja

    Justin has been through alot and still giving us amazing music. The guy is very hardworking. Much Repect 💯💯💯

  6. K-Pop Love

    K-Pop Love

    Eu amo essa música ❤️

  7. Belieber, Swiftie & Army

    Belieber, Swiftie & Army

    This song is truly a masterpiece and the best music video of 2021

  8. 100k challenge without any videos challenge

    100k challenge without any videos challenge

    GHOST definitely deserves so much more, the lyrics are so precious, each line is just beyond perfect 💯

  9. 100k challenge without any videos challenge

    100k challenge without any videos challenge

    The world will find this masterpiece later but we are real fans here!

  10. María


    Más de dos meses desde que salió el videoclip y aún sigo llorando

  11. lívia nataly

    lívia nataly

    Vc me ajudou em uma fase muito difícil da minha vida, vc me deu forças para seguir em frente....... Sou muito grata!!! Suas superações me inspiram muito, a correr atrás dos meus sonhos! Te amoooooo

  12. Tamires Almeida

    Tamires Almeida

    Que perfeitoooooooo😍 entregou tudoooooooooooooo!

  13. laylla Pereira

    laylla Pereira


  14. Debasmit Dey

    Debasmit Dey

    This is probably my fave Justin Bieber song... Like comparing it with his earlier stuff... This sounds so pure and mature and gives you an idea of his newer self which is absolutely awesome

  15. Shino Piano

    Shino Piano

    The moment I heard the intro. of the song, I knew this song would be an unforgettable one.

  16. Delfina José

    Delfina José

    Amoo essa música 🇧🇷🤧

  17. ㅜㅑ겨


    Justin can fit well in any song in any style. A universal artist Proud of him🔥

  18. Technical Sohail

    Technical Sohail

    My Favourite 🤩 JB ❣️🤟

  19. Marília Gabriela_1994

    Marília Gabriela_1994

    Justin você é tão perfeito, amor da minha vida.❤️✨

  20. BTS Official Bangladesh

    BTS Official Bangladesh

    Masterpiece 🔥