Justin Bieber - Angels Speak ft. Poo Bear (Visualizer)

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  1. Ashary King

    Ashary King

    The world used to hate him, however we can't deny how talented he is. He's a legend ♡Justin Bieber

  2. clichestan



  3. Tina Regalado

    Tina Regalado

    Justin's voice is absolutely beautiful. He is so talented. God has truly blessed him.

  4. Danielle Moon

    Danielle Moon

    I am 30 years old. I remember I used to listen to you when you were so young. Seeing how far you’ve come is amazing. It’s amazing how God works within our lives. You inspire me. It’s difficult nowadays to find good music and you are now one of the best singers in my opinion.

  5. chol bu rap

    chol bu rap

    bate maior calma esse som :)

  6. skinny legend

    skinny legend

    this song deserves 1B views omg the vocal,lyrics,melody,falsetto are heaven 😭❤

  7. Gabrielle Paiva

    Gabrielle Paiva

    This song is definitely one of the best on the album. thanks for this anthem 🥲🇧🇷

  8. Karla


    A voz desse homem é sem condições, da pra sentir que ele canta com todo seu coração, eu escolhi o ídolo certo para amar. 🥺🛐🛐

  9. Emily Walfall

    Emily Walfall

    Que talento, que voz maravilhosa desse homem! Dá para sentir a emoção e como ele canta com o coração 🥺 Sou completamente apaixonada 😍❤

  10. barnabé


    Essa música é a tradução de perfeição 💘



    Poo Bear's voice gave me chills and took me back to Justin's past era! Those Goosebumps were real! Man.

  12. Chanyeol Jungkook Justin

    Chanyeol Jungkook Justin

    This song is so beautiful ❤❤❤ Justin's voice sounds like an angel ❤❤❤

  13. leftmelonely


    Your voice is music to my ears 😭

  14. Alexander Roa

    Alexander Roa

    amo mucho la voz de JB, me relaja y me da paz<3

  15. Kupela Njovu

    Kupela Njovu

    Finally a song with the genius behind some of Justin's songs. I love their writing process. Beautiful song

  16. Male Avalos

    Male Avalos

    His voice is really that of an angel, fuck it, damn it, it's incredible. Please listen to it with headphones, it's wonderful.

  17. skinny legend

    skinny legend

    this song and this album deserved more than a grammy !

  18. Cesar Albert Rios Nava

    Cesar Albert Rios Nava

    Esta Canción me hace Sentir Pleno en mi Vida… En Paz conmigo mismo… me eleva mi Motivación, y Sobre todo me llena de Felicidad… Gracias Dios por tan Especial artista en mi Vida…. Me ayuda en mis momentos más difíciles de mi Vida… un Ángel cantando…

  19. Dam


    This song is just beautiful

  20. John Henshaw

    John Henshaw

    This song is so full of emotion and poo bear knows how to convert emotion into music! 2 very well rounded artist!