Justin Bieber - Holy ft. Chance The Rapper

Holy out now: JustinBieber.lnk.to/Holy
The new era has begun for Justin Bieber with his first single HOLY featuring Chance the Rapper. So much more to come.
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Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Jamee Ranta, Whitney Jackson
Management - SB Projects
Cinematographer - Elias Talbot
Production Designer - Brandon Mendez
Colorist - Bryan Smaller
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Starring: Ryan Destiny, Wilmer Valderrama

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  1. Tayla Evans

    Tayla Evans

    سنوات قبل

    I have to admit I have never been a belieber, but Justin you have absolutely out done yourself this is exactly what the world needs right now!! Hands down, without a doubt your best work. You've changed me! This song is pure magic. Thankyou!!!!!

  2. Will M

    Will M

    Get well Justin, 🙏🏾 world needs more of such songs!!

  3. kindly Help me reach 100k subscriber with 0 video

    kindly Help me reach 100k subscriber with 0 video

    7 ساعات قبل

    1 years later and this song still hits different. Truly a masterpiece .♡.

  4. Alezto


    This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored

  5. Monise Rodrigues

    Monise Rodrigues

    Get me in tears everytime. One of the most beautiful songs Justin has, just hits deep, especially with the pandemic.

  6. Freddy R Mejias

    Freddy R Mejias

    Justin, I don't think I've ever cried of emotion with a song like I did with holy, when you enter the house in the video it was incredibly magical, God never abandons us, God bless you for this song and get well soon.

  7. Rod _at _Adelaide

    Rod _at _Adelaide

    سنوات قبل

    Not normally a Bieber fan, but this is an amazing song

  8. Yoongi’s midi

    Yoongi’s midi

    I initially just checked out this video cause I just love listening to the song but now this tears me up. It just made me realize how we consider the mundane things actually are what people praying for. Having a roof to stay, a nice meal and a family is enough to call myself blessed. Thank you Justin. You always have my respect.

  9. Marllyson


    Incrível demais o Justin, e mais incrível ainda essa letra! ❤

  10. Flor Natalia Minjarez

    Flor Natalia Minjarez

    I love this song so much that i could listen to it all day without stopping.

  11. Willamis Carlos

    Willamis Carlos

    Só foi eu que chorei? Obrigado por esse Hino que me tocou de uma forma muito profundo. Holy holy holy!!

  12. Viknesh Subramaniyam

    Viknesh Subramaniyam

    He's come a long way since he first started in the music industry

  13. Kris Hollins

    Kris Hollins

    I've never been a bieber fan, but after his transformation and newfound happiness and seeing how he credits God and aint afraid to sing about it has earned my respect. I'm sure hes made lots of new fans after this song. I love that he keeps God alive in his music exactly when we need to hear it. Hes obviously been very blessed and is extremely appreciative and gives credit where it's due. So much love and respect for justin for doing that. Including Chance. Just wow.

  14. Pop Mansion

    Pop Mansion

    I wonder why tears keep fallin' down my cheeks every time I listen to this song!

  15. treboR SA

    treboR SA

    Justice um álbum simplesmente impecável do início ao fim Justin Bieber único capaz!!! 💚

  16. Betzabeth


    Desde que te conocí tus canciones forman parte de mi vida y me han salvado en muchas ocasiones, no sabes cómo me alegro de ver feliz a la persona que me ha hecho feliz muchas veces sin saberlo. Te amo, deseo que tu vida este llena de felicidad y espero ansiosa verte pronto. 💗

  17. Imer Sh

    Imer Sh

    Was never a big fan of Justin. But after listening to this song, soothe my heart away. I love how you have grown beautifully in your life. Sending lots of love from India❤️

  18. Emma carolina Huarcaya segovia

    Emma carolina Huarcaya segovia

    Amando esta cancion ❤️

  19. KrystalwithaY


    سنوات قبل

    We need more positive songs like this to get popular.

  20. Lauanda Dos Santos

    Lauanda Dos Santos

    Toda vez que escuto essa música eu me arrepio esse ano tem show no Brasil 2022 é meu ano